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  • Pistol Steyr SPP

  • 1 Steyr SPP Pistol Steyr SPP was created by the famous Austrian company Steyr Mannlicher in the early 1990s and was intended primarily for the arms of police, special forces and bodyguards.

  • Gun TALA

  • TALA Modelo 4 Colt Woodsman In the mid 1980s, the Argentine firm «Talleres Armas Livianas Argentinas» gun begun manufacturing TALA (Talleres Armas Livianas Argentinas) chambered ring vosplameneniya.22LR.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 22

  • Taurus PT 22 (Early version) In 1992, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »introduced a new pocket-pistol 22 PT (PT -« Pistol of Taurus », 22 - gauge) under patron.22 LR, which replaced PT 55 pistol, manufactured since 1980.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 24/7

  • Taurus PT 24/7 In 2004, the famous Brazilian arms company «Forjas Taurus SA» introduced and started to produce pistols PT 24/7 (Pistola Taurus 24/7). New weapons were created on the basis of a series of compact pistols Millennium / Millennium Pro and was intended to arm the police and civilians.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 24/7 G2

  • Taurus PT 24/7 G2 Standart In early 2010, the company «Forjas Taurus SA» has introduced a new series of pistols PT 24/7 2nd generation, which received the designation PT 24/7 G2 (Pistola Taurus 24/7 Generation 2). Taurus PT 24/7 G2 Standart Series Pistols Taurus PT 24/7 G2 is a symbiosis of design solutions used in the model PT 24/7, and 800-series (PT 809, PT 840, PT 845). Was also carried out a complete redesign of weapons and used some additional technical changes.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 25

  • Taurus PT 25 (Early version) In 1992, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »introduced a pocket-pistol 25 PT (PT -« Pistol of Taurus », 25 - gauge) under patron.25 ACP, which replaced the PT 51 pistol, manufactured since 1980.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 58

  • 2 Taurus PT 58 S (Early version) In 1988, the Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus S. A. »has introduced a new compact pistol PT 58 S (Pistol of Taurus model 58) under patron.380 ACP.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 92

  • 3 Taurus PT 92 AF In 1977, the Brazilian Army for weapons was signed a major contract with the Italian company «Beretta» to supply 40,000 pistols Beretta 92. Then in Sao Paulo (Brazil) built a plant with a production line to produce licensed Beretta pistols 92. Beretta 92 In 1980, the plant in Sao Paulo acquired Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus SA», having bought the rights to manufacture, export and modernization of 92 Beretta pistols.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 99

  • Taurus PT 99 AF In 1981, the Brazilian company armory «Forjas Taurus SA» proposed new gun chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum, received the designation PT 99 (Pistola Taurus 99). Pistol Taurus PT 99 is a modification of the PT 92, from which it differs only by the presence of regulated sights.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 100 / PT 101

  • Taurus PT 100 AF (AFD) In 1991, anticipating the coming of a new surge in popularity patrona.40 Smith & Wesson, the Brazilian firm armory «Forjas Taurus SA» tried to anticipate events and has released two new models of pistols for this cartridge - PT 100 and PT 101.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 140 / PT 157

  • Taurus Millennium (first generation) PT 140B (top) and PT 157SS (below) In 2000, the famous Brazilian arms company «Taurus» complemented its series pistols «Millennium» new model, firing on the arms market compact pistol PT 140 (Pistola Taurus 140) under patron.40 Smith & Wesson, and in 2001 - Taurus PT 157 under patron.357 SIG.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 145 / PT 745

  • Taurus PT 145SSP (Second generation) Early in the first decade of the XXI century Brazilian company «Taurus» released on the arms market new compact pistol PT 145 (Pistola Taurus 145) under a powerful patron.45 ACP.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 809 / PT 840 / PT 845

  • Taurus PT 809 In 2008 the company «Forjas Taurus SA» guns launched the 800th series. The new series includes models of pistols Taurus PT 809, PT 840, PT 845, which differ among themselves mainly used ammunition: - Taurus PT 809 - designed chambered 9x19 mm Parabellum; - Taurus PT 840 - designed by patron.40 Smith & Wesson (10h22 mm); - Taurus PT 845 - designed by patron.45 ACP (11.43h23 mm). Taurus PT 809 new weapon has been developed on the basis of gun PT 24/7 OSS, created through a series of Taurus PT 24/7 for the competition for the new U.S. special forces pistol, from which it differs in a number of design changes.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 822

  • Taurus PT 822 In early 2010, the famous Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus SA» added the 800th series of his pistols (PT 809, PT 840, PT 845) model PT 822 (Pistola Taurus 822). Pistol Taurus PT 822 is designed for patron.22 LR and is designed primarily for target shooting sports.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 908

  • Taurus PT 908 In the early 1990s the famous Brazilian company «Forjas Taurus SA» released on the arms market compact pistol PT 908 (Pistola Taurus 908) chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 911 / PT 909

  • Taurus PT 911 In 1997, well-known company «Forjas Taurus SA» released on the arms market new compact pistol PT 911 (Pistola Taurus 911) chambered for 9x19 mm Parabellum, adding "a series of nine hundredth" of their pistols with another model.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 940 / PT 945 / PT 938 / PT 957

  • 3 Taurus PT 940 In the early 1990s the famous Brazilian arms company «Forjas Taurus SA» launched a new compact pistols so-called "nine hundredth series" intended for police and civilian markets.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 1911

  • Taurus PT 1911B under patron.45 ACP In 2005, the famous Brazilian arms company «Forjas Taurus SA» introduced and started to produce a new full-size pistol PT 1911 (Pistola Taurus 1911) under patron.45 ACP (11.43h23 mm). Pistol Taurus PT 1911 is nothing but a clone of the famous American Colt M1911 pistol, as amended for more convenient and safe handling of weapons, as well as increasing its fighting qualities.

  • Pistol Taurus PT 2045

  • Taurus PT 2045 In 2009, the Brazilian arms company «Forjas Taurus SA» exhibition Shot Show 2009, along with a compact pistol PT 709 Slim series was presented and a full-size model PT 2045 (Pistola Taurus 2045) of similar design.

  • Pistol Taurus Slim PT 709 / PT 708 / PT 740

  • PT 709 Slim In the first decade of the XXI century famous weapons company «Forjas Taurus SA» has developed and started production of a new series of compact pistols under the title «Slim» (thin). In 2009 was presented the first model of this series - PT 709 (Pistola Taurus 709), calculated under the cartridge 9x19 mm Parabellum, and in 2010 appeared the PT 708 and PT 740 under patrony.380 ACP (9x17 mm) i.40 Smith & ; Wesson (10h22 mm), respectively.

  • GUN TYPE 80

  • (Continued Starting in Article "Chinese pistols (Part I)») GUN TYPE 80 Especially for parts and special forces units of the PLA in China in 1980 was adopted by the upgraded 7.62-mm automatic pistol "Mauser" M.712 under the designation "Type 80". It was designed to use a pistol type 7,62 x25 51. Assumed that the new model will be similar to compact submachine gun necessary reconnaissance and sabotage units and subunits.

  • Pistol Tokarev 48M

  • 1 Tokarev 48M After the Second World War, the USSR gave "on the rails became socialist development" Hungary documentation and licenses for the production of the Soviet TT pistol.

  • Pistol TT-9P / Tokagypt 58 / Firebird / T-58

  • Tokagypt 58 After the Second World War, the Soviet Union gave the Hungarian documentation and license to manufacture TT pistol, and in 1948 adopted the Hungarian People's Army was adopted 7.62 mm pistol model 48M, which was an exact copy of the Soviet Tokarev TT pistol.

  • Gun Victory Arms MC5

  • 1228 0.0 0 Victory Arms MC5 In 1987 godufirmoy «Victory Arms Co. Limited »was proposed mnogokaliberny gun, designated« MC5 ». New English gun was based on the famous Czech CZ 75 model, but was introduced by British designers the ability to use it in cartridges of various calibers and barrels of different lengths.

  • Pistol VIS

  • During the Great Patriotic War, the Polish military pistol «VIS» (translated from Latin - "strength") of the sample in 1935, sometimes referred to as "Radom" (the place of manufacture - Armor Factory in Radom), competed successfully with guns " Walter "HP-38 and" Browning "mod.35. first prototype gun «VIS» appeared in 1931.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1904

  • Webley & Scott M 1904 famous British weapons company «Webley & Scott» the beginning of the first experiments with self-loading pistols even on the very threshold of the twentieth century, in 1899, releasing the first samples of the gun «Mars» inventor Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax (Hugh Gabbet-Fairfax). However gun «Mars» proved extremely powerful and sophisticated in design weapons and have no interest British military or civilian customers.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1906

  • Webley & Scott M 1906 (Early model) Webley & Scott M 1906 (After improvement) In 1905, the director of production company «Webley & Scott» William Whiting (William Whiting) was developed and patented compact pistol.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1907

  • Webley & Scott M 1907 (Base model) Webley & Scott M 1907 Since 1906 there were virtually no laws that control the use of firearms on a handheld weapon was considerable demand.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1909

  • Webley & Scott M 1909 (Left view and right) In 1908, the designers of the company «Webley & Scott Ltd», to meet the demand of civilian buyers have begun to develop a pistol "international" caliber.

  • Pistol Webley & Scott M 1910

  • Webley & Scott M 1910 with safety lever (top) and framework with automatic fuse (bottom) In 1910, in an attempt to create a more powerful military-style gun company «Webley & Scott Ltd» released a new gun under American patron.38 ACP (9h23 SR). This gun was designated «Webley & Scott Model 1910" and represented the further development of the model Webley & Scott M 1909.

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