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/ CARBINE AX / date /origin / weight /length / caliber C.1720 Denmark 3% Lb 1.55 Kg 32% In 82.5 Cm .58 In The butt of this fully stocked, dog-lock carbine is reduced so that it can be gripped in the hand.

Sharps carbine
/sharps carbine / date 1852 Christian Sharps devised his breech-loading /origin / weight /barrel Caliber US 7% lb 3.5 kg 18 in 45 cm .52 in 7 system in 1848.

Baker rifle
/baker rifle / date 1802-37 / Ezekiel Baker`s rifle was a robust weapon, designed to keep on /origin England / working even under the most difficult conditions, and several / weight /barrel /caliber 9 Lb 4 Kg 30 In 76 Cm .625 In / modifications to the original design reflected that.

/BENELLI Ml / DATE /ORIGIN / WEIGHT / BARREL /CALIBER 1980s Italy 8 Lb 3.6 Kg 20 In 51 Cm 12-gauge / Benelli produces some of the world`s finest semi-automatic shotguns, such as the early version of the M1 seen here.

Shotguns have a long history as combat weapons. During the American Revolutionary War, muskets were often loaded with a "buck and ball" combination to maximize the chances of a hit, and standard shotguns gave service in conflicts ranging from the US-Mexican War of 1846—48 to the Philippines insurrection of the early 1900s.

/ COLT-BROWNING M1895 "POTATO DIGGER" / Date /origin / Weight /Barrel /caliber 1895 US 40 Lb 18 Kg 28 In 71 Cm .30-40 Krag / The Colt M1895 was the creation of John Browning, and was nicknamed the "Potato Digger" on account / of its innovative mechanics.

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