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Rifles & muskets
For an infantryman The rifle is his principal means of directly influencing the battlefield. Artillery, armor, air power, and other forces may be the elements that are most decisive in terms of tactical and strategic outcomes of a battle, but at some point the soldier must close with the enemy to take ground, and that is where his rifle is most relevant.

Scottish pistol
/scottish pistol / date C.1750 It was the fashion in Scotland during the 18th century /origin Scotland To make pistols entirely of brass or iron, with their entire / weight /barrel 1% Lb 0.79 Kg 9 In 23 Cm Surface covered by intricate engraving.

Indian carnatic torador
/ indian carnatic torador / date 18th century / The barrel of this matchlock from Mysore in /origin Southern India What is now Karnataka State, southern India / weight /barrel /caliber 9 Lb 4.05 Kg 44% In 113 Cm 16 Mm / is exquisitely decorated with incised flowers and foliage, and entirely gilded.

/ BERETTA 9000S / date 2001 / The Beretta 9000S is a 9 mm or.40 S&W /origin Italy Automatic handgun with a polymer frame / weight `barrel caliber 2% Lb 1.1 Kg 3% In 8 Cm .4 In / 9 Mm / and a 10-shot magazine.

/ FLINTLOCK DOUBLE-BARRELED GUN / date /origin / weight /barrel /caliber C.1760 France 7% Lb 3.25 Kg 32 In 81.3 Cm 22-bore This double-barreled sport gun bears the name of its maker, Bouillet of Paris.

/ HECKLER & KOCH USP / date 1993 / The Universal Service Pistol was Heckler & /origin Germany Koch`s answer to the Glock, and it, too, was / weight /barrel /caliber 1% Lb 0.75 Kg 4% In 10.7 Cm 9 Mm Parabellum Largely made of plastic and employed the tried-and-tested Browning locking system.

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