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Springfield model 1863 type ii
/ springfield model 1863 type ii / date 1863 / The Springfield M1855, with its tape primer system, was /origin / weight /barrel /caliber US 9% Lb 4.3 Kg 40 In 101.5 Cm 58 In / Unsatisfactory and replaced by the M1861, which was itself not entirely free of faults; notably in the hammer and nipple.

A total of 215,348 Colt 1851 revolvers were sold between 1851 and 1876, making it one of Colt`s most influential weapons of the 19th century.

/WILSON PISTOLS / date C. 1730 / Robert Wilson was a maker of fine pistols /origin UK / during the 18th century. His firearms / weight /barrel 1% Lb 0.74 Kg 5% In 13 Cm Were sought after collector`s pieces and of the sort used by Dick Turpin.

Franchi SPAS 12
/franchi SPAS 12 / date /origin / weight /barrel /caliber 1978 Italy 9% Lb 4.4 Kg 21% In 54.5 Cm 12-bore Developed as a close combat weapon for both police and military use, the SPAS Special-Purpose Automatic Shotgun is gas-operated by an annular piston around the under-barrel magazine tube, acting on a tilting bolt.

/ STAR MODEL M / date 1932 / Manufactured by Echeverria in Eibar, the /origin Spain Star was one of the best of many copies of / weight /barrel /caliber 2% Lb 1.07 Kg 5 In 12.5 Cm 9 Mm Largo The Colt M1911, though it lacked the grip safety that the Colt had acquired by the mid-1920s.

/ IMI DESERT EAGLE / date 1983 / Unlike almost all other self-loading pistols, the Desert /origin Israel Eagle, made by Israel Military Industries IMI, was / weight /barrel / caliber 5% Lb 2.66 Kg 10 In 25.4 Cm .44 Magnum Gas operated, and of modular design.

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