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Ptrd anti-tank rifle
/ ptrd anti-tank rifle / date /origin / weight /barrel /caliber 1941 ussr 38% lb 17.3 kg 48% in 123 cm 14.5 mm / The PTRD was a more complicated weapon than it appeared.

/ BORCHARDT C/93 / date 1894 / In Borchardt`s pioneering design, a toggle joint locks the bolt in place. /origin Germany / Recoil forces the toggle to break upward, the bolt travels to the rear / weight /barrel 3% Lb 1.66 Kg 6% In 16.5 Cm / against a coil spring, and the spent case is ejected.

Cigarette lighter pistol
/ cigarette lighter pistol / date /origin / weight /barrel /caliber 1970s Not known 3 Oz 85 G 1% In 4 Cm .22 LR What appears to be a cigarette lighter actually / contains a single-shot.22 LR pistol, firing from / a 1% in 4 cm barrel.

Although the Japanese remained wedded to the matchlock for far longer than most countries, they took matchlock design and style to extremely high standards. Some Japanese matchlocks were plain, functional pieces issued En masseTo their armies, while others had exquisite inlaid metalwork along the stock and fore-end, and floral patterns running along the full length of the woodwork, enhanced under a coat of rich lacquer.

Fusil reglementaire mle 1853
/ fusil reglementaire mle 1853 / DATE 1853 / By the 1840s, steel had come to replace iron / ORIGIN France In the production of gun barrels.

/ BREECHLOADING PISTOL / date C.1725 1 This miquelet-lock pistol is from Ripoll, /origin Spain Catalonia, a key gunmaking town in the / weight /barrel caliber 3% Lb 1.6 Kg 10 In 25.4 Cm .55 In / 17th and 18th centuries.

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