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Category TANKS  

family In 1946 it was decided to create a family of versatile machines FV200, in comprising, in addition battle tank FV201, would include several types of ARV, razgrazhdeniya machine, armored vehicle launched bridge, assault machine and a number of special artillery samples.

Main Battle Tank OF-40
In the Army Dubai were delivered 36 tanks OF-40 and three ARV. B design of MBT elements used tank chassis Leopard 1, the machine armed with a 105 mm gun and two 7.62mm machine guns.

Ml "Abrams" Gulf War
By 1990, the tank "Abrams" was in service for 10 years, but no one doubts its combat effectiveness. Saddam Hussein`s invasion of Kuwait meant that there was an opportunity to test the quality of this war machine in the real world, though in a rather difficult climatic conditions.

Heavy Tank KV-1
The first production tanks KB-1 were armed with short-gun, 76.2 mm. Subsequently, on this basis were created numerous modifications heavy tanks with more powerful weapons and protect the crew of five people.

Infantry fighting vehicle Tornado
BMP Tornado was developed by the Swiss company MOWAG. The picture shows a sample with mounted on a tower 25-mm cannon and two remote-controlled guns aft. The Swiss company MOWAG beginning to develop wheeled and tracked combat vehicles immediately after the Second World War.

Infantry fighting vehicle VBCI
VBCI is an 8 x 8 wheeled armored combat vehicle in BMP options and command and staff vehicles. It is designed to replace the outdated APCs AMX-10P.

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