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Category TANKS  

Soviet BRDM-1 with the wheel formula 4x4 after crossing water obstacles. Movement afloat at a rate of up to 9 km/h was achieved through the jet, installed in the rear of the hull.

Marder infantry fighting vehicle
Above. Many Marder IFV in the course of modernization have been equipped with new appliances Night Vision passive type and launchers for anti-tank Milan.

Armored ITS-11
Urutu ITS-11 armored personnel carrier Urutu engesa company has a crew of two, can carry 12 marines in full gear and armed with a 12.7 mm machine gun M2NV.

Medium Tank T-III
For fighting in North Africa tanks T-III equipped with an advanced engine filters and wider tracks, improving mobility on sandy soil. In the mid-1930s, the German developers tactics tank troops found it necessary to have in each tank battalion of three companies, armed with medium tanks, and support a company with heavy tanks.

Main Battle Tank Challenger 2
Above. Oman is so far the only country to purchase Challenger 2 tanks . The last of the 38 ordered tanks of this type have been transferred to the end of 2000 and entered service 1-Panzer Regiment.

The family of armored personnel carriers M 113
M113 armored personnel carrier was the main US Army prior to the 1980s, when arms began to arrive M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles. He has repeatedly upgraded as in the United States and in other countries.

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