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German tank destroyers Combat application
During World War II, Germany made wide use of tank destroyers crawler. The first types of these machines were ^ hunters tanks "Panzerjager, which were created on the chassis of obsolete tanks and armed with standard anti-tank guns.

Armored Car "Peugeot"
Recent modifications of the armored car "Peugeot" were armed with 37-mm cannon. These machines are used throughout the First World War, and when they were replaced by tanks FT 17 remaining were transferred to the Polish army.

Heavy tank IS-2
IS-2 tanks entered the Red Army in 1944. Long-barreled gun, 122 mm in a well armored welded turret. A crew of four people, gun ammunition-28 shells.

ARV "Churchill" tank Engineering
Engineering tank "Churchill", equipped with front trawl mine. To the rear of the hull in tow a trailer attached, on which transport various goods, including fuel and explosive charges.

Armored Car ansaldo IZ company "Lancia"
The design feature of armored steel IZ characteristic arc set on the sides and extending from the top of the cabin to the bottom of the front mudguards front wheels.

The Israeli Centurion
In 1950-1960-ies in Israel from the UK was delivered more than 1,000 Centurion tanks with a 83.8-mm cannon, but in the late 1960s, the Israelis decided equip these machines are more powerful rifled guns caliber 105 mm L7. Apart From The Israeli tank did not suit such tanks mounted on Meteor gasoline engine company Rolls-Royce, which did not provide the necessary power density, fuel consumption was large and numerous problems with cooling and filtering the air.

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