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Category Frigates  

In the Navy frigates Morocco provide control over the exclusive economic zone, and are used to "show the flag".

Type Gaziantep type of Oliver H. Perry-6 units
1. Fairing SQS-56 sonar 2. PU Mk 13 mod. 4 3. VVVRK 4. Post-acceptance pogrueki rocket ammunition 5. AP radar Mk 92 6. AP system SLQ-32 V2 7. AP Radar SPS-49 V4 8. AP system SATCOM 9. AP SPS-55 radar 10. AP SPG-60 radar 11. Post reception and transmission of cargo into the sea 12,324 mm TA 13. Vertical fin 14. 76mm AU 15. PRN navigation sichstemy TACAN 16. ZAC Vulkan Phalanx basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard . 3045 full 3638 Main dimensions, m: at length overall KVL.

Type of Santa Maria OliverH. Perry
FREGAT NAVARRA basic technical ELEMENTS & nbsp ; Displacement, t: standard 3610 full 3969 Main dimensions, m: ddina largest by KVL . 137,7 125,9 Breadth ,. 14,3 sediment at full displacement 4,52 sediment outermost chastyu.6,6 Main propulsion: hy. turbine x number of type GTE- - the total capacity, l. 2 x Fiat GE LM 2500-41,000 the number of propellers .. 1 CPP number Deep-Water System-total capacity, l. with .. 2-650 Speed, knots: the greatest.

Type Comandante Joao Belo [Commandant Riviere-4 units
FREGAT COMANDANTE HERMENEGILDO CAPELO basic technical ELEMENTS Displacement, t: standard 1750 full. 2250 Main dimensions, m: length overall 102,7 the width of the largest ... 11,7 sediment at full displacement of 4.4 Main propulsion: type diesel x number of type DD- - the total capacity, l. with 4x12 RS2.2 V 400-16000 the number of propellers.

Type Adelaide Oliver H. Perry
FREGAT DARVIN basic technical ELEMENTS & nbsp ; Displacement, t: standard 3075 full. 4090 Main dimensions, m: at length overall KVL 138,1 124,4 1. Boatswain`s stores 2. Chain locker 3 Corridors 4. Compartment equipment ASG 5. Ballast tanks 6. Fairing podkilnoy GAS Mulloca 7. Compartment Shpilevoy machine 8. Fuel tanks 9. Cellar SAM RIM-66E and SIC RGM-84C 10. PU Mk.13 mod.

Indonesia has one of the largest navies in Southeast Asia. This is due to features of the island nation, as well as the lack of stability in the surrounding regions, and within the country, where there are several centers of the separatist movement.

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